The new fabrik is here! 2

The new fabrik is here!

In 2011 we launched the first version of fabrik, a service tailored around the needs of creatives.

To be honest, we didn't expect it to take off as much as it did, especially as we weren't really advertising! However, word of fabrik spread and we have been busy ever since, helping individuals and companies alike to showcase their work to the world.

As more people started to use fabrik we learned what was important to them. We realized that we could do so much more to improve how our customers manage their sites. We also gained valuable feedback about the features that you really wanted; things like more themes and added control over how your content is presented.

With this new insight into exactly what our customers wanted, we created the fabrik you see before you today. A new and exciting way for creatives to produce beautiful portfolio and blog web sites.

We are so pleased with this new version and invite you to try fabrik for free.